At Khurais Mall, we strive to make each and every customer experience uncomplicated, pleasant and worth visiting.

Our highly qualified staff is always at the forefront to ensure that all customers' needs are fulfilled by providing and delivering helpful, professional and high quality service from information assistance to Lost & Found service, ATMs, free WiFi and kids carts to name a few.

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To make the shopping experience more fun and easy with your kids, strollers are available at Khurais Mall.


Khurais Mall provides ATMs located conveniently throughout the center. Please refer to the mall directory for their specific locations.

Lost and Found

Whenever you lose or find something within Khurais Mall premises, you can submit a lost and found request at the customer service desk and the staff will take charge of it.

Baby Changing Stations

located in all women restrooms.


Wheelchairs are available for our customers to use free of charge if ever needed while shopping at Khurais Mall.

WIFI services

At Khurais Mall, we offer wireless internet to our shoppers at the mall Cafes to surf and connect while spending time at the mall.

Camera surveillance

The entire mall is under cameras surveillance to ensure safety and security on mall property.

Mall Courtesy Policy

Appropriate behavior is required at all times in order to provide an enjoyable and
safe shopping environment for our malls

No Smoking

Khurais Mall is a smoke free environment. Smoking is not allowed within the mall premises.

Please Dress Appropriately

Conservative clothing is requested in order to avoid any disturbance and to promote the mall atmosphere.

No dangerous activities

Rollerblading or skateboarding is not allowed for the safety of our customers inside the mall.


Under any circumstances, pets are not allowed on the premises.